Fall Is Fun I Think.

Fall just seems to be the time to take on projects. Not big ones, but ones that now seem like they need to get done before winter comes.
This is my front bird pond, notice the log on the right? It’s covering the power outlet that powers the pond pump and water heater in the winter. Don’t ask me why we put it in front like that, ’cause I don’t know.

So I dug it up, dug the trench and Al rewired and finished it up. Everything’s in conduit. That’s just how it is when your married to guy that’s worked with wiring all his life.
Here is what it looks like completed. No more box in the photo. Yay.
But that one rock needs rearranging. See it? I think the birds will like it too.Here is the back patio bird pond, June I think. See the box in the front? Eww.
The aspen on the left has been removed.I took this about a week ago. Obvious dumb outlet in front.After I’ve dug at it awhile and Al’s cleaned up the trench and taken the box out.
Al getting the wiring finished up. I love to watch him work.
EXCEPT when he fakes me out like he’s been shocked!
*smack*And here is the finished product. I had a Switch grass clump I planted in front of the outlet.I like it. Do you?
Oh, here’s my new pillows I made, modeled by Barbie and Winnie.
And my birdhouse wall, in case you were wondering.
You were weren’t you?

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3 Responses to Fall Is Fun I Think.

  1. dAwN says:

    Great projects! i love your ponds, pillows and bird house wall. Nice that you have a hubby who is handy.
    happy Birding!

  2. Becca Reid says:

    The dog-modeled pillows are FAB

  3. Thanks Dawn! And Becca – I couldn’t get them out of the picture. They needed some public exposure I guess.

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