Difficult Decision

Some of you know I was blessed with a gift from a friend for my 50th birthday. His name is Ace and he is a Portuguese Water Dog puppy.
This is Winnie.
After an agonizing month, I have decided to not keep him.

This is Barbie.
He will go back to his breeder and a good home will be found. If you are interested, contact me privately and I’ll put you in touch with Holly.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with this pup. He’s incredibly smart and I’ve put many, many hours into his training. He’s just too much dog for our family.We’re weenie butts like our other little dogs I guess.
I hope you can understand, even if I’m not going into all the various reasons. He has had a great start to his life and will make the transition to a new home far easier than I will in seeing him go.
But it needs to be.
Go Here to get to know Ace a bit more.

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