Last Days Of Summer

I’ve really been enjoying these last days of summer. We’ve been eating dinner on the patio almost every night – only when it’s too wet have we not. Ace entertains us by getting the “zoomies” right as we’re finishing dinner. He’s great at doing somersaults and recovering at full speed while grabbing whatever toy snatches his attention.

I’ve had a few afternoon snoozes in the hammock, seeing fall migrating birds fly or come through the yard while I’m out there.

I have a renewed interest in producing my own food in the garden. I did this for many years while we were on our small farms and had many kids at home and I loved it. I think the biggest garden I ever had was about a half an acre, which is how big the lot we own now is. I’ve got plenty of room to grow food, but chickens aren’t allowed here. A serious shame. We ate a lot of food out of our garden this summer, but I didn’t grow enough to put by. But we’ll see about next year.

I’m focused on building more garden beds in back and hopefully getting many loads of manure and old hay to build a couple of larger gardening areas in front. I’ve had five years to get the place into shape and have enjoyed landscaping and growing flowers and bushes, but now I’m ready to increase our vegetable garden.

Last year I added 3 beds, starting out by tilling the whole area.. This year we boxed them in and I’ve begun building another. It’s gonna be fun.

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2 Responses to Last Days Of Summer

  1. Heather says:

    Hi, I followed you over from Julie Zickfoose’s blog. Your dogs look like heaps of fun. Is Ace a Standard Poodle? My friend has a labradoodle and another has a goldendoodle. I’d never paid much attention to poodles before these dogs. Anyway, like your blog.

  2. Hi Heather, no, Ace is a Portuguese Water Dog – they’re some of the ancestors of Poodles. Thanks for the kind comments!

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