Garden Design Ideas Needed!

Well this isn’t particularly about birds, but they do love my garden. We added the beds on the left this year, and they’ve been great. (You can see my “bird meadow” on the right, behind the garden. Another view of my meadow behind the garden and the pathway. I had to mow the meadow in mid-summer because of my new puppy Ace. but that’s another post.
My tomatoes didn’t do that great this year, either because I didn’t water them enough or they didn’t get enough sun.

I want to add more beds in the back yard, but it does get a lot of shade. I’m thinking of 4×4 boxes (but I REALLY would like 4-5 diameter circles), along the left side of the yard about every 5 feet or so – what do you think? What could I use that would make circular beds?

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3 Responses to Garden Design Ideas Needed!

  1. dAwN says:

    Nice garden! I like raised beds. You could use brick, the plastic edging material, rocks, maybe you can use wood to make it like a circle..
    I am sure you probably thought of all those materials already. Have fun.. Look forward to seeing the results!

  2. lalapapawawa says:

    The manufacturer Frame It All sells through Sears. They have round forms. Possibly a little spendy – I’ve also found good raised beds at Sam’s Club, but Sears does have free shipping, if they aren’t available at a local store. Just type in Frame It All and that will pull up the entire line.

  3. I added one long bed and two 4×4’s, just square. But they look good. Thanks for the encouragement!

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