Eagle Eating SHRIKE??

Well, no, not really.
But I got your attention didn’t I?
This Loggerhead Shrike is enjoying a tasty worm.
The Eagle-eating part is an old joke I played on my oldest daughter when she was around 12.
We had spotted our first yard bird Shrike and I hooked her on how it ate eagles.
Tiny vicious bird.
I suppose it’s not that funny now. But I always think of them as “Eagle-eating Shrikes”.
Amazing how this one impaled the worm on the barbed wire fence.
Then ate it bit by bit.
I didn’t see any eagles in the vicinity either.

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One Response to Eagle Eating SHRIKE??

  1. lalapapawawa says:

    Those are great pictures. I think that’s how I look eating spaghetti. I hope no one ever posts a picture montage of me eating 🙂

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