W. A. I. T. I. N.

In our home, dogs must wait for those things we want. Like Dinner. No jumpin, barkin, runnin, woofin, pouncin around here. We wait for our food. But first we must All Sit.
Then comes the Really Hard Part. W. A. I. T. I. N. But we do. It’s part of our lives. Then WE EAT!
As you can see Barbie and Winnie have great patience. They can Look At MOM.
I can’t. Yet. I have to Look At The FOOD.

Please refrain from noticing or commenting on my Lizard Butt. And Yes I Do Have A Tail.
I’m jus sittin’ on it is all.

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  1. Becca Reid says:

    Ace, you are such a great student!!

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