Have you ever been mooned?Or rather – gone moon BIRDING?
The other night I remembered to look at the moon when it was full and low. I spent about an hour gazing through my scope – counting the birds as they flew by, some near, most far. Can you see the bird in the picture below?
I saw Owls, Ducks, smaller things, something that looked like a big shore bird. About 2-4 per minute. The one below was an owl. I wonder – Barn Owl? If you haven’t ever done Moon Birding before, you should try it. So very cool. So very amazing.

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2 Responses to Mooning

  1. noflickster says:

    Great post, and beautiful images of the moon! I spent some time moonwatching last fall and was amazed at the spectacle of watching nocturnal migration. I haven’t broken scope out for it this year — the memory of feeling like I was burning my retinas is still pretty strong. In fact, I wore sunglasses for much of my watching.

    I’m now inspired to spend some time watching during the next full moon.
    – Mike

  2. Merri says:

    I happen to be in NW France at the moment, and after dark R went out and hooted an odd tune, and called a pair of owls in quite close! He said they were barn owls, but unlike any owl I’ve heard before. We didn’t see their silhouettes (nor the moon). But anyway he’ll have to show me a picture of them tomorrow to see if they look the same as our barn owls, because they sure sound different. Of course, it could be Barn Owl French I don’t understand.
    The Equestrian Vagabond

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