Wonder of wonders, but we managed to get out for a second camping trip this summer. In the trees, near a river. Here’s camp:

I of course had to set up a hummingbird feeder and toss seeds out for the birds.
Here’s an immature Broad-tailed Male.
THIS was fun. I felt their tiny little feeties on my finger while they fed.
This dude was a trip. He’d come and take his fill..
Then climb up a tree directly above our heads and chew us out!
We saw some nice mountain birds. Al got this shot of an immature Red-naped Sapsucker.
There was a pair of Three-toed Woodpeckers – Adult and Juvenile in the campground. This is the youngster – cool yellow crown spot, eh?
Momma and baby.I had fun photographing the hummers.This lovely Black-headed Grosbeak found our offerings quickly and was a frequent visitor.The flight zone!
Check out the giant beauty on the right. Rare for Colorado and even rarer for Larimer County – A Magnificent Hummingbird. You can see how much bigger she is than the others.
Ace enjoyed the fire and his blanky in camp.
“Don’t eat in the tent”

Ace also thoroughly enjoyed the tall, deep grass…
..And the river.Maggie enjoyed all the historical aspen carvings and had to add her own.
“Trout Herding” – Not successful.
Al and the Laramie River.
Ace – Portuguese WATER Dog.

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  1. lalapapawawa says:

    I’ve never seen hummers swarm a feeder like that, except in pictures. Great shots.

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