Rocky Mountain High – Mount Evans

The Wrenegades went up into the high country today. Some of us had never been to Mount Evans and we were looking for the Elusive White-tailed Ptarmigan. We especially wanted to see BABY White-tailed Ptarmigan.

We found this awesome herd of Mountain Goats, lots of babies playing king of the mountian (ahem. and other stuff)
Most of them still had tons of winter fur left on. This majestic beast on the right didn’t. Beautiul. How many goats can you see in this picture?
We found Pika carrying bouquets of fresh flowers to their hay barns for the winter.
We found a lovely juvenile Brown-capped Rosy Finch – later joined by a stunning adult we couldn’t get photos of.
And yes we found Ptarmigan. A mini flock of babies were moving up the hill as we were driving. It’s tough to find spots to park, but there was one nearby so we got out and followed them awhile. We never heard or saw any adults with them. They were so, so gorgeous and cute.
Acting all grown up and adult like.
Who you? You don’t scare me, not one bit.
Have you ever seen Ptarmigan or Mountain Goats? Tell me about it – or tell me how bad you want to if you haven’t!

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4 Responses to Rocky Mountain High – Mount Evans

  1. Becca Reid says:

    Look at those two cuties!! Perfect sweetness.

  2. DaveABirding says:

    Great shots! That last picture of the young-uns was great. Mt. Evans remains my favorite spot for up close Goats. Those Ptarmagin sure do grow up quick.

  3. Beverly says:

    Perfect sweetness is right; I got my ‘too cute’ quota for the week between the two babies and the pica with the bouquet of fresh flowers!

    I was hoping for pictures of the Magnificent Hummer… You saw one in 2002, too? Wow. Pictures? Yes Please…

    Your photographs are LOVELY! Thanks for sharing…

  4. Beverly says:

    Well…duh! Had I looked at the side bar I’d have SEEN your shot of the Magnificent Hummer…

    Thanks again.

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