Dogs Are So Helpful

One of my many children remarked that everytime one of them turns 18 I get a new puppy.

This can’t be true of course, because I don’t have 10 dogs. Admittedly, a few we’ve had over the years have been rehomed for one reason or another. I wonder how they came up with that. Not sure I want to think that far back.

Anyhow. A good puppy is a tired puppy as you see here. After thoroughly killing the pheasant, coon, mallard and penguin, Ace sleeps.Here is why this morning, in the rain, sopping wet, EVERY dog toy we own is out in the yard. Someone likes to empty the toy box. I’m gonna have to teach this dog to pick up after himself.
But look at me ma! I’m nearly grown up!
We’re going camping near Steamboat Springs this weekend. I’ve washed all the sleeping bags and got the stuff sacs out preparing to stuff them back in.
Or not.
Oh – we like this, are we coming? Can we help?
This one’s mine!
So I stuffed Ace instead.
It was raining and wet at 5:30 this morning when I went out to get the paper and feed the birds. Ace is dragging the paper in for me.
He was annoyed by tripping over it so stopped to get a better grip.
Holding it like a big dog, waiting for the door to open into the house.
Carrying it through the laundry room.
Into the living room. “Can I kill it Ma? Huh?”

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