Camping With Dogs 1

We haven’t been camping in over six years. Don’t ask me why, it just hadn’t happened. But we went last weekend. Me, Maggie, Al, Ace & Winnie. Barbie stayed at my sisters house.

Barbie doesn’t camp. Pass the chips, please.
Ace was the designated camp clean up dude. Getting him to put stuff in the trash bag was a bit of a challenge though.He preferred eating worms to putting them on hooks.
Maggie is a first class crawdad catcher.
Winnie being extremely brave to check out such a big drink of water.
Pearl Lake at dawn, lovely.
Ace checking out the big, big world. As you can see, much of the campground had been logged off.
Zooming around in his camp pen. He played well in here when he couldn’t be loose in camp.
Winnie preferred to be in Maggie’s coat in the mornings. Coffee, please.
The lake was lovely. Ace had never seen such a big water bowl before.
So have you ever camped with dogs? Tell me about it!

To Be Continued.

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