Birds Of Pearl Lake State Park

We went camping recently north of Steamboat Springs at Pearl Lake. What a beautiful place. Believe it or not, the focus wasn’t on bird watching, though we did hang a hummingbird feeder. I was a very lazy photographer, only got one shot of a Broad-tailed Hummer. We were visited by Broad-tailed Hummers, male and female. Rufous male hummers and one very cute and tiny Calliope Hummer. I did compile a nice little list of birds though.
Red Crossbills , Gray-headed Juncos (feeding fledglings), Crows, one lone Stellar’s Jay. Common Grackles believe it or not, Tree and Violet Green Swallows. Sandhill Cranes with a baby in the fields below us. It seems so strange that they nest here in the hay fields.
It was a nice time, really. I didn’t get any good photos of birds, but I heard many and just enjoyed the area. We did have a very persistant singing Ruby-crowned Kinglet that sang non-stop during the day below our camp.

A lucky find on our way out was a lovely Dusky Grouse along the roadside.

What fun birds have you seen lately?

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  1. Beautiful views, sweet hummer. Sounds like you had a very relaxing visit.

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