Having A Function?

Becca, Lauren, Kathleen and I took a day to head for the hills to see what we could find. White-tailed Ptarmigan being on the top of our list. Understand, we left Loveland at 5:00 AM.
Now, Lauren is not much into the extremely exposed, steep, deathly dangerous, road sides of Trail Ridge Road. As she’s explaining the reason she’s leaning far to the left as I’m driving along, Becca pipes up; “Are you having a function?” It nearly choked us to death. Perfectly hilarous, immediately understood by all of us. It was funny, really. But. I guess you had to be there.

We found one.Gloriously stunning.
He just about climbed into our laps.

And when he was through with us, he left.
And became invisible.And we floated on cloud Nine for the rest of the day.
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