Curing Spring Fever Part 2

Now I’m ready to tackle the feeders.

In the winter I put out many more feeders than I maintain in the summer. The Common Grackles will be back soon and I don’t want to have to get a second job just so I can keep feeding the birds! (On second thought.. if I needed to..) Down come the un-caged tube feeders and I remove all but one suet feeder. I love tray feeders and I leave those out, but some will get a cage to limit a certain, shall we say, very plentiful and hungry species. I never really fill these trays mind you otherwise I would need a second job! Just a sprinkling of seed daily with a dressing of live mealworms on one is all they see. My two big split logs stay out, but get a good scrubbing and blasting with the hose. All these removed feeders find their way into the kitchen to be scrubbed and sanitized and put away until fall.

The last thing I do is bring out the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner? Yep. I take our heavy duty Shop Vac and clean up under any feeders that have a mess of hulls piled up underneath. Just don’t answer the phone when that friend calls and wants to know what you’re up to and you say “Vacuuming the yard”.

All right, I think that’s it. Once the yard trash is hauled to the recycle center I’m done. Well not REALLY done. You see, I’ve got plans. Yep-pers. Even though my dear husband has hidden my favorite native plant catalog that I’ve nearly memorized, I’ve got plans. Look. Over there. Right. See that lovely garden bed that attracts so many lovely birds? I’m going to change it. It needs work, don’t you think? Bigger? Longer? Wider? A few more junipers over to the left and behind would look nice too I think. You agree? Oh good, thanks. So that’s my springtime routine, what’s yours?

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