An Evening in Casper, Wyoming

Never, never go for a walk with out your camera. Just sayin’.

Maggie and I are here in Casper, Wyoming for a dog show Friday and Saturday. It’s actually quite beautiful here if you look beyond the hills a bit.

After dinner we took a walk north of the motel and went up a lovely hill with a path and wildflowers. It looked like we were in plant covered sand dunes. The wildflowers were lovely, but understated and some were begging to be seen.

As we walked by the softball field on our way up we were taken by the crowds. This is the place to be on a Thursday night in Casper! The parking lot was full and three fields of teams playing hard.

We meandered down among them, entering true Casper culture. It was interesting to see how the people dressed, wore make-up (lots!) and really dug their uniforms.

With eyes and ears attuned to birds on the walk, I was not disappointed. A lovely male Robin sang to us as we let Winnie run back and forth, Brewer’s Blackbirds chirped and chattered from the fence tops and a lone Killdeer. That was all.

We’ll be showing Winnie and helping a friend show her dogs tomorrow, but I hope to have a bit of time to look more closely at birds too.

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  1. Merri says:

    and, i learned, never go for a walk without your binoculars either!
    The Equestrian Vagabond

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