Something really, really special is happening this weekend.

My Dad is coming to live with us.

(Here he is with Ruth, and me peeking)We have a great guest cabin all ready for him, which will give him his own space and privacy, yet he can be a part of whatever he wants. The circumstances that are bringing this about are sad, yet, the goodness that will come out of this is beyond comprehension in my mind.

(Dad & Jessica)
Our society has, for the most part, gotten so far away from multi-generational living.
I am excited for the opportunity. My sister, Lauren, Al and I have been working to get the cabin in top shape for him. It will be done Saturday. He’ll be here Saturday night. My son Cyrus is helping bring him and the last of his furniture over.

I can hardly wait.
Welcome Home, Daddy.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Well written! Though I didn’t need to get teary at the start of my work day..I am SO excited he’s going to be here! LOVE you!

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