Little Feeties – Winter’s Guessing Game

Little Bitsy Leaping Mouse Tracks

We have had a lot of snow this winter. I mean – I don’t think I’ve seen the grass much except in the last two weeks. Then we get fresh snow on top of old snow. I get it if we’re Minnesota, but we’re Colorado – you know- the snowed one day (maybe two) then forties the rest of the month state?

Anyhow, enough whining. One thing I love about winter is the little critters with little feet can’t be so sneaky about it. Like this little Mouse with a tail that bounded across from patio to feeder. Look here: Bird feetie frenzy – Juncos and Flickers.These little marks were left by our resident fox squirrel. Each set of tracks were spaced over a foot apart. Leaping squirrels.
I think there was a serious clean up crew here – Flickers Foraging For Bits Of Food.
Oh, oh, oh. Who is this now? And why do these tracks (barely the size of a quarter) go from feeder to feeder to feeder to feeder? ‘Cause Foxes will eat anything and have a particular fondness for suet nuggets.
I love this – another mass meeting of feeting. Mostly Flicker feet.
The Junco Dance PartyCute little Junco feet and something else.
A Junco on an afternoon walk.And the sweet brush of a wing on the snow.

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