Colorado State Forest State Park

Not too long ago a friend, Pam, and I took the day for some winter wandering in the Colorado Mountains. One of our first stops was the visitor center at the long named – Colorado State Forest State Park.
This is a very nice center for visitors and they maintain feeders in the back that were frequented by both Mountain and Black-capped Chickadees.
We bought our parks pass and began wandering in earnest. We were hoping to find moose. We didn’t, but can you find the Hairy Woodpecker?
Here is one of the spectacular views we enjoyed.
Another guessing game – find the Red Crossbill. It was a treat to see these birds.
Colorado must have some of the best mountain views in the state.
And we’re just beginning our trek!

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  1. dAwN says:

    It sure is beautiful there…I did see the crossbill..had to click on the photo to make sure..!

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