My Dad’s Place, Cedaredge, CO.

My sister Lauren Burke and I went over to visit my dad this past weekend. He lives in Cedaredge which sits in the shadow of Grand Mesa, the largest geologic formation in the world, located in western Colorado.If you look closely at this photo of his backyard you can see the Mesa lit up in the morning sun.

We spruced up dad’s feeding station a tiny bit and enjoyed the bounty of birds. Here is a picture of a “Cassiar” Junco.
A local 4 point buck wandering the neighborhood.The “tidbits” or Bushtits that visit were so entertaining! Here is one on the ground, using it’s foot to hold a seed like a parrot. They were quite tame and never stopped talking.
At times they cover the suet so densely you cannot see it.
I think we came up with a total of around 14 Bushtits. It’s tough to count them!
Coming up: Pinyon Jays – Jewel of the west.

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