It’s SNOWY In Colorado!

Well that’s no news, eh? Isn’t it always snowy in Colorado in the wintertime? Yes, it is, but not usually this kind of snow, especially on the roof. Can you see it? No?
How about now? YES? For real, there has been a Snowy Owl in a Peyton, Colorado neighborhood now for several weeks. I finally had an opportunity to go see it this week. A friend of mine, Scott Rashid – of Small Mountain Owls and I took the day to go view this lovely bird.
Below is a beautiful photo by my friend Larry Griffin.
Here are a few shots of the bird hovering while facing into the wind, hunting.I had never seen a Snowy Owl in person before, so it was a spectacular life bird experience. Most of the time Snowy Owls are sighted in eastern Colorado, they are never refound.This bird seems quite content in this wide open, prairie, neighborhood, even though people and dogs both were out and about.
Here he is approaching a favorite perch – a microwave wireless internet antenna on a rooftop.As you can see there is no snow cover in this part of the state. Many of us are wondering why the bird is staying here – abundance of food, maybe?I imagine, he’ll be winging his way north very soon. In the meantime, he has blessed many people with his large, white, glorious presence.To spend a moment of time with a creature like this – it’s a privilege.
Thank you.

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9 Responses to It’s SNOWY In Colorado!

  1. Awesome! We had a snowy here in Dekalb Illinois last winter. Local birders were very excited. I had one fly right over my car across the windshield while searching the cornfields were it was sighted. Your pictures are beautiful. An exciting moment and post!

  2. How exciting! We had a couple Snowy Owls here in DeKalb Illinois last winter. Local birders were excited. While searching the cornfields where sighting was reported one flew right across my windshield. It was awesome! Love your pictures of this exciting moment great post!

  3. DaveABirding says:

    Thanks for sharing, I am hoping to finally get down there tomorrow or on the weekend. Hope he hangs around just a bit longer.

  4. Oh please send the Snowy toward Idaho!

    Fun photos on your blog!

  5. lalapapawawa says:

    Not just to see the owl, but to get a picture as well! That’s really fun.

  6. dAwN says:

    Excellent! how exciting! This would be a lifer for me as well!

  7. Amy says:

    Very cool, Connie! Can’t wait until I can see one of these.

  8. Beverly says:


    A lovely post, too. You got some great shots; thanks for sharing!

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