A Little Homesickness.

I was browsing through some older photos today. Not too old as in before digital, well maybe a few actually. Some of these were scanned in. Most from 2004.

When the kids were little and we had a passel of them home, we’d take our packgoats and go hiking in the San Juan mountains for a day. We could all wander and enjoy ourselves without having to carry any gear. The biggest hazard was one of the goats stealing your potato chips.
No kids on this hike. Marshall peering off of the edge of Uncompahgre (that’s Un-com-PAH-gre) Mountain, looking many thousand feet down. Goats have incredible depth perception.

Another outing with kids, goats, and children. This was near the edge of the Black Canyon Of The Gunnison. No lead ropes needed on either species!
Oh Captain, My Captain! How I miss you! The best pack goat ever.
Glorious wildflowers of the West Fork of the Cimarron.
The water’s a bit cold this high up!
Looking north from high up in the West Fork Basin.
A tiny portion of my beloved San Juan Mountains.

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4 Responses to A Little Homesickness.

  1. Hi Connie, I’m a friend of Julie’s (Zickefoose), grew up in SE Ohio near where she lives and now live in Ridgway. Love looking at your pics of my home!

  2. Beverly says:

    Happy New Year, Connie!

    Quick question: was your Captain a caver, too?

    just curious,

  3. Pack goats: cool beyond cool. Do they go with you because they want to be with you?

  4. Beverly, although it looks like a cave, it’s only a bit of a tunnel.

    Julie, YES. For the most part they stay with you because they’re your friends, and because you’ve spent the better part of a year taking them hiking with you and they love it. Occasionally you get one that’s too independent and will bail for the highest peak or the truck, so you keep a lead on him.

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