Winter Prairie Wanderings

A friend Becca and I headed out east for some prairie wandering. Looking for owls, raptors and anything else we might fined. Here is our first beauty, a Prairie Falcon.
Sometimes I wish my camera reached out just a little farther..We were hoping to visit several State Wildlife Areas, but the good ones with good habitat were filled with hunters, dogs and guns so we passed on several. We did stumble upon two Great Horned Owls in a large Russian Olive thicket.As we headed farther east, we came upon flocks of Horned Larks and Pronghorn in cornfield stubble.Ahh. Finally in the undisturbed prairie. This looks like Little Bluestem – but it’s pink. So beautiful.Here is one shelter belt we cruised on foot. We saw one Robin, a Harlan’s Hawk, one Tree Sparrow and a rabbit.And these little tracks.This shot doesn’t even begin to capture the magnitude of the open sky and rolling hills.Still farther east and even a bit of sunshine. All day isn’t near enough time to explore.Next: Who’s wearin’ the bells?

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