From Estes To The Park.

Leaving the Lake of the Cranky Ducks I started back down the road for Estes Park.Along the way I met this fella.Beautifully coated in his winter garb.He watched me for a bit then went on his way.Before heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park, I swung by Lake Estes to see what was about. A sea of Mallards being fed by a local.
More Common Goldeneye. These guys were much less cranky and more focused on feeding. I love this pic of the feeties and tail going under.Finished in town, I head into Rocky Mountain National Park. I am blessed to live less than an hour away from such a place.
As you may know I love willow stands. Not only for cutting and creating with, but their value as habitat. The willow (and the aspen) in the park has taken a big hit from the over population of Elk, but this section looks good.I drove as far up as Trail Ridge Road would allow – this is where it is closed in winter, at Many Parks Curve.Next post: Farther up, Farther in.

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2 Responses to From Estes To The Park.

  1. Bosque Bill says:

    Love your local travelogues!

  2. Sight Seer says:

    Great pictures! I really enjoyed my time in Rocky Mountain National Park. Your are indeed blessed to be so close!

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