Bells On Their Toes?

We had a wonderful day of raptoring out on plains. We saw 13 Rough-legged Hawks and I didn’t get one decent photo. But I got a couple decent ones of this young Ferruginous Hawk.Check out the toes. He seems to be missing some. Love the red leggings, too.

Here is one of the three Golden Eagles we had the privilege of seeing. We also sighted two immature Bald Eagles, something I’ve never seen before out on the prairie. I’ve seen many on the western slope in Ridgway, CO. along the river in winter, but it seemed odd to have them on the prairie.
A lovely Red-tail in the afternoon sun.
We had planned the trip so as to hit a local birding hot spot – Lower Latham and Beebe Draw around 4:30 pm hoping to spot some Short-eared Owls, that had been seen in the evening. We saw plenty of Northern Harriers, but no owls.
A couple of the last hawks we saw was this pair of Red-tails perched in a Silver Poplar stand in someones yard. When the one on the right took off – we heard bells! As it circled around us we clearly saw what was left of the jesses on this birds legs – and the bells. Our Christmas Hawk rang them quite nicely for us!

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  1. You are blessed with awesome scenery and wildlife, thanks for sharing with us.

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