American Tree Sparrows Are Like Popcorn

I didn’t see many birds on my little 2 mile round trip walk, but I did see a sweet little flock of American Tree Sparrows. Aside from delighting me with their tinkling fairy-like song, their behavior was interesting. I saw this little birds popping up and dropping down, popping up and dropping down again and again. Can you tell what this little guy is doing?
First he pops up in the air like fresh popcorn. Then he lands on a little tiny stem of grass.
Then he sidles up that stem and rides it like a bronco to the ground.
Closer.. Closer..
Ahh, yes, finally we are close enough..
To the seed head of the grass stem thus ridden, subdued, and now, time for for a seed feast.
One last view of the mountains.
One nice long look at a couple of the big boys.
Time to head home for a cup of hot chocolate.
I just love winter in the woods.
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One Response to American Tree Sparrows Are Like Popcorn

  1. Beverly says:

    Merry Christmas, Connie! I was just doing my regular perusal of your blog and HAD to comment on the Elk. They ARE big boys, aren’t they? I’ve occasionally seen cow-elk here at the edges of La Veta (and sometimes 100s of the beasts calving across Hwy 160 near here), but have only seen the Big Boys up close when around Aspen country…where they’ve become almost tame, huh?

    I know you consider yourself blessed to live where you do…I think WE are…for the treats you offer us here.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours,

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