This is one of the places, can you see it? A lovely patch of willow. I recently found a ranch that has tons and has given me permission to gather what I want when I want to. I love working with willow. I make little tables, wall decorations, embellish fences, trellises, etc.While rummaging around in the patch I discovered this nest.
As I stood amidts this patch surrounded by the beauty of the 300 acre ranch I was deeply grateful to be here.
I had to sneak a closer peak at the nest. Looks like a Red-winged Blackbird’s. So beautiful.
Another view from where I was parked on the ranch road. Stunningly beautiful day. It looks farther than it is.
Bundle by bundle of 25 willows, I loaded my car to capacity of 250 willow whips. Packed. I put a tarp inside to protect things, works wonders.
I was exceedingly joyous over this fine batch of willows carefully harvested as to leave plenty of cover in the patch, too.
Next: What do I do with all those twigs?
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