Walking The Worlds Rim

We continued our quiet walk with stunning views. We’re looking northward here along the rim where the canyon opens up to rolling grass prairies dotted with scrub oak.The view south.
Yes, we kept checking the edge, looking both ways as if we wanted to cross a busy street. But instead we were enjoying the breathtaking scenery.
I loved this plateau with the lone juniper tree decorating the rock. You can see the rim continue on, we wind up there.
We came upon this beautiful feather. Looks to us to be a feather from a Red-tailed Hawk. Such amazing beauty.
We found another point to venture out on and take in the delights of the day.
Such a jumbled mass of rock and trees. Lovely.
We felt like the old junipers had stories we wanted to hear and they wanted to tell.
One even let me snuggle in for this photo as it wrapped it’s arms around the scene.
This one twisting, turning and beautiful.
We had some beautiful blue sky. Lauren wanted to check out the view down below as safe as possible. It was a long way down.
We did find birds too. More on that later.
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  1. Bosque Bill says:

    Very nice photo essay. I’m enjoying “joining” you for your walk.

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