The Eurasian Collared – Dove’s Mistake

CAUTION: Graphic photos below!
Sharp-shinned Hawks visit my yard irregularly in the winter. I happened to be standing at the back door the other day when one stooped, darted into one of my big juniper trees, missed it’s tiny bird, flushed a Eurasian Collared-Dove who flew straight at me standing in the door. The dove hit the glass, fell to the patio and was pounced upon by this juvenile sharpie.
What followed was not pretty. The dove kept trying to escape and in fact did twice, but not fast enough to avert recapture.The hawk held on and moved the bird – in low, labored flight to the neighbors yard.Can I just say death by hawk is not a quick, painless way to die?The sharpie did not finish it’s meal and left it on one of our Russian Olive tree branches. I tossed it over the fence so it would not fall to my dogs. The next day, the hawk came back and was actively searching for the rest of it’s dinner. I don’t know if it found it over the fence. Has anyone heard of hawks coming back the next day to finish a meal? It was quite fascinating to watch.
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3 Responses to The Eurasian Collared – Dove’s Mistake

  1. Never heard of that. Why would the hawk be so confident that something else wouldn’t have carted the dove off overnight?

  2. Amy says:

    Now that’s a neat observation. Never heard of it either. I have the same question as OC. A very confident sharpie, or very naive?

  3. The swift and albeit brutal reality of nature can be and quite interesting. Thanks for sharing this great observational post with photos to match.

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