The Birds They Are A’ Feedin’

We made our way back out of the Canyon Bottom trail back into the scrub oak brush.Just as we were about to reach our car, in the scrub oak near the Westside trailhead, we were surrounded by a flood of birds. Seriously, we stood with our jaws hanging open, (not a pretty sight and we quickly got ourselves under control lest a chickadee cache seeds under our tongues.) All the same species as listed, both chickadees, all 3 nuthatches, downies, juncos, 1 robin, creepers and towhees, feedingfeedingfeeding and talking with their mouths full and stashing seeds and chasing one another and peeking at us from behind tree trunks.
DowniesRed-breasted Nuthatches.
Mountain Chickadee’s by the dozens.
Skulky, busy, feeding Black-capped Chickadees.
More Mountain Chickadees feeding.
And stashing seeds as fast as they could find them.
Finally one brave Black-capped stopped long enough and close enough to get a photo.
And finally, a pair of Spotted Towhees joined the feeding fray.
It was an amazing and glorious sight and we felt privileged to be a part of it.
Castlewood Canyon is a lovely place. We’ll be back.
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4 Responses to The Birds They Are A’ Feedin’

  1. How exciting this sounds… made me smile, love the pictures too.

  2. DaveABirding says:

    What a fun looking hike! Thanks for sharing.

  3. jason says:

    Too much fun! I was laughing before I got to the first photo. Looks like a very good hike indeed…

  4. Hi

    Sounds like you ran into a great birdparty. Something that often happens in the tropics or occassionaly in boreal forest

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