Meandering Cherry Creek.

When I think of Cherry Creek, I think of the ritzy part of Denver with it’s big houses and fancy malls. But here it is, plain, ol’ beautiful Cherry Creek.
We came upon a bit of winter in the canyon bottom, but it was brief and lovely with the addition of a Canyon Wren bobbing and weaving through the rocks. See?Then around a corner we discovered the aspen grove.My favorite trees in Colorado. So lovely. Brings back memories of the lovely white birches I knew as a child.
I was also surprised at the amount and presence of the Fir trees in the canyon. Here is a pic of fir and pine intermingled.
Here further along in the canyon you can see the damage from the flood after the dam broke.Our camera insisted.
Me on the left, Lauren on the right.The Canyon Falls.A little closer up.A canyon washed clean from the flood. The creek was beautiful and clean.And then there were birds.
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