Grackles and all that.

I wouldn’t call them humble,I couldn’t call them vain,
To blackbirds inconvenient,
Even when they’re not the same.
They claim ’bout all the feeders,
Are proud of their domain,
They think they’ve come to please us,
By their beauty, aren’t you slain?
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4 Responses to Grackles and all that.

  1. DaveABirding says:

    Very creative, well done! I love grackle blue in the sunlight, right up ’till they empty the feeder for the umpteenth time.

  2. Love the leucistic one.

  3. dAwN says:

    I love that leucistic one as well…and the poem is great!

  4. eileeninmd says:

    They are pretty birds, especially when the lgiht is shining on them. But they can be piggies at the feeders.

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