Exploring Castlewood Canyon

Lauren (Burke, my sister) and I with a couple friends are trying to get out once a month and bird and hike somewhere new. Today it was only Lauren and I and we decided to head south of where we live to Castlewood Canyon. We expected a cloudy, rainy day, but got this instead for starters:
We were greeted almost immediately by Mountain and Black-capped Chickadees and the peee-peee-peeeping of Red-breasted Nuthatches. Along the way to the creek bottom there were a few Scrub Jays, many Steller’s Jays, inumerable Spotted Towhees and singing Townsends Solitaires. Oh, and this lovely home:
We meandered our way down the canyon on the Creek Bottom trail to Cherry Creek. What a beautiful little creek it was even if we didn’t see any cherries.Now comes the fun part – Rimrock Trail. After crossing the creek we headed back up, up, up, the east side of the canyon through thick scrub Oak.The lichen on these trees was absolutely gorgeous. There were also a nice pair of Downy Woodpeckers gleaning through the trees, but not particularly interested in being photographed.Looking north out of the canyon.Lots of interesting conglomerate rock formations. This little rock was trying to get out of the big one it seemed.Another peek through the trees.Looking across the canyon to the trees. We thought the clouds were coming in, but it really held off for us.Nearing the top of the rim, climbing the rimrock stairs. Back in the trees, the mountain birds were calling again. Chickadees, nuthatches and Townsend’s Solitaires.Our first big view off of the edge. The rocks and trees were so beautiful. Continued tomorrow.
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