Trailing Up Bobcat Ridge

I went for a gorgeous hike the other day up in the Bobcat Ridge Natural Area. I have done the Valley Loop several times and the Ginny trail and Powerline road once so I thought I’d give the D. R. trail a try.
It’s about two miles of prairie walking until you get near the ponderosa forest. There are little patches of brushy habitat that held White-crowned Sparrows, Juncos and I even saw one Lincoln’s Sparrow.
It was such a beautiful day, a little breezy at times. I’m just now getting into the Ponderosa. There were many Mountain Chickadees here and lots of Steller’s Jays too.
I think most of the trail is either on or near what appears to be an old logging trail. I was really hoping to see some grouse in these woods, but I never did. Though I did find a beautiful feather that belonged to one.
There was a pretty big fire I think around 2000 so some of the woods are gone down to the stumps. This section was only partially burned and when I sat down for a break this nice little White-tailed Buck got up from his nap.
The trail gets rather steep and rocky in places, with sky peaking through the trees you just know the summit is soon. But you never quite reach the absolute top of the ridge on this trail.
This is about as close to the top as you get and you can see what’s left of the forest. The trail winds through the many gulches and I came upon a whole family of Brown Creepers. Only managed to get a shot of one.
The View.
I came upon what looked like the remains of a Western Bluebird that was most likely dinner for a Sharp-shinned Hawk.
This little squirrel was suprisingly quiet as he watched me in the woods.
This Least Chipmunk, however, was not. Announcing my presence to the world. I’d been SEEN.
The Ponderosa Pine trees were loaded with pine cones. I just love pine cones. So beautiful.
Back down on the prairie I came upon a rather intimate scene. Does anyone know what kind of beetles these are? Happy Beetles?
It was an absolutely lovely day to be outside.

If you listen, you can hear Red-breasted Nuthatches, Pygmy Nuthatches and Mountain Chickadee.

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3 Responses to Trailing Up Bobcat Ridge

  1. Bosque Bill says:

    Thanks for “bringing us along” on your hike. It was lovely. Listening to your video was extra nice on this blustery, stormy day that is keeping me inside.

  2. Beverly says:

    Love the photo journey, thanks for sharing! I wish, though, that the predatory birds would just leave the blue birds alone! I know everybody has to eat, but I sure wish they’d eat more starlings…

    Could the intimate couple be the ever popular Dung Beetles?

    I liked the audio piece, too! Fun!!!

  3. This was almost as good as being there! I hiked yesterday, too – it was 37 degrees and overcast here in Minnesota. I wish I’d been on your hike instead!

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