Fall is Awesome! Project FeederWatch and Other Stuff

I love the changes that happen in my yard in the fall. The Three Leaf Sumac bushes turn riotous colors.The robins go off their rocker:
American Robins seem to have this reputation of being
such a sweet backyard bird. NOT. “My” Robins are gladiators! As I type several are on the warpath of Eurasian-Collared Doves. Furiously chasing and re-chasing them through the yard at top speed. Uttering phrases I cannot repeat here. Madness I tell you, madness. I suggest using caution when filling feeders or strolling about your yard. Oh, and if you’re tempted to offer these “sweet” birds early morning mealworms? Just be aware that they unequivocally insist they eat BEFORE you sit to watch with your cup of hot coffee.

Stay safe out there and use caution when approaching those sweet robins.

Project FeederWatch
begins soon.
I love participating in PFW. You keep track of birds you see weekly and enter your data on line. I use Wednesday and Thursday as my count days. It’s cool to see the trends at your feeders throughout the season. Click on the link below to find out more.
My WingScapes Bird Cam captures Grackles at their best.
And Scrub Jays are stockpiling.
I’ve had a special visit by a beautiful, but somewhat compulsive
Scrub-Jay, for 8 days now he’s hauling every peanut and kernel of
corn he can manage. Not even the Blue Jays or grackles deter him, in
fact he swoops in on them getting them to drop their peanut in an
acrobatic moment of thievery. I’m hoping that means he’ll stick
around for the winter. Always before it’s been a one-fall-day visit.

The Common Grackles certainly pile up on the feeders, but there are some interestingly marked ones. Check out this cool Grackle.
AND I’ve had my first of season Pink-sided Junco and White-crowned Sparrow. I love it!

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What a crazy looking grackle! I’ve been thinking about getting a Wingscapes camera. Your pictures are helping persuade me.

  2. This is great, what a load of Grackles. They must love project bird feeder.

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