A Birder’s Party! Throwing Caution To The Winds For The Northern Colorado’s 2nd Annual Big Sit!

I wanted to invite any and all to join me at the second annual NOCO Big Sit!
Hosted by myself and my sis Lauren Burke, (the NOCO Wrenegades, Bird To The Bone) the NOCO Big Sit! will be held in the front yard of my home this Sunday, October 11th. Although official Big Sit! rules allows for midnight to midnight, we’re only counting from 6:30 AM to 6:30 – 7:00 PM. (weenies & slackers BT3, I know, I know)
You are welcome to come for the whole time or any part that fits your schedule.

Dress for the weather and bring your binocs, scope if you have one, a snack to share if you like, your coffee mug, water bottle, a chair and good fun! We’ll keep the coffee, tea and hot chocolate hot, maybe even have a fire in the chimnea if it’s chilly. I live between two lakes and we’ll be able to see one of those from our circle and also my front feeders.Come and join us and let’s have a birder’s party! We’ll be counting from a 17 FOOT diameter circle, which is the requirement for a Big Sit!

If you know you’re going to join us, or have any questions, drop me an email. Also, my address is 4778 Hay Wagon Ct. Loveland, CO. 80537

For more info on what The Big Sit is! Click on the logo below.

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