A Beautiful Morning In Estes Park

I spent a lovely morning in Estes today. A Yellow-throated Warbler was reported at Pine Point in the Matthews-Reeser Bird Sanctuary and I thought I’d go chase it. David Waltman from Boulder had just seen the bird when I arrived and it was not long before I found it again. Such a gorgeous little thing! Nick Komar joined me and was generous to share the photo he took. Mine was much worse.
Yellow-throated Warbler by Nick Komar
We also came upon this lovely little bird – A Northern Parula, quite a rare bird for fall in Estes Park.Nick Komar PhotoAfter that delightful time, I drove to the Gem Lake trailhead and meandered my way up there. It was a beautiful day for it. Look at this screamin’ blue sky.

This was a cool rock.
Seriously. About a mile up the trail there was this sign.. I loved the little moon.
And here we are at Gem Lake. So beautiful. Really quiet too. People were there besides me, but I could hardly see anyone.
Along the way, these busy little dudes were either eating or cussin’ me out. He did both.
Shameful views.
If you look carefully, you will see a Townsend’s Solitaire in this tree. I must have seen at least 20 and nearly all were in full song, making beautiful music.
A pair of ravens were enjoying the updraft along the rocks.
Nearly back at the trailhead a flock of Pygmy Nuthatches were busily talking and feeding, like always.
And this female Hairy Woodpecker was doing what woodpeckers do.

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  1. Nice to read your post about birding in Estes Park- Yellow-throated Warbler-WOW! That whole area and Gem Lake are so beautiful. This made me recall some memorable days I spent at Gem Lake some years ago.

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