Maybe I’m Just A Slow Learner..

Either that or I don’t spend enough time on photography and digiscoping. Bird photography captivates me, but I haven’t seemed to really be able to get killer photos very often. I’m also a bit pouty that I didn’t get much of a chance to photograph birds while at the Midwest Birding Symposium. Next time I’m scheduling in a few extra days. I didn’t want to miss any of the lectures and break out sessions, so I was limited on actual birding time.

Anyhow, enough whining. Here are the photos I did get:

Herring Gull and Killdeer, I actually really like this, but wish it were more sharp.
Another Herring Gull – boy do I wish this was focused!
Killdeer walking away.
Two little Boneparte’s Gulls with a Ring-billed and Herring.
I love this shot. A pair of Mallards and the males is in Eclipse plumage.
Ring-billed Gull
And in the brush – a White-throated Sparrow.
That’s all folks.
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5 Responses to Maybe I’m Just A Slow Learner..

  1. Eric DeFonso says:

    I find that bird photography is *very* difficult. We have some of the most difficult subjects in the world – they move unpredictably, they’re often in poor light, they’re far away, they pose uncooperatively and here we are trying to *learn* the art of photography on these guys. No wonder it makes us mental.

    If it makes you feel any better, rest assured that for all the dozens of nice photos I have on my flickr pages, I’ve taken thousands more that are just crap. I just make sure those never see the light of day. I keep doing this photography thing though because when it does come out, it’s just awesome. Sometimes you will get lucky. And if anything, it helps us appreciate just how amazing someone like Bill Schmoker is with his photography.

  2. Beverly says:

    Well, I doubt you are as ‘bad’ as you think you are. Do you know the professionals take hundreds and hundreds of photos…for the one really good shot?

    Seriously, that would be why ‘digital’ is so awesome; save the good ones and just reformat the disk! I love it!

    Course, I don’t even have a decent lens…so I hardly bother. I have to be so close to a bird to even SEE the thing in a photo…it’s heartbreaking. {Sob… whine… cry…}

    You do good work…and you have lots of fun. Can it get better than that…really?


  3. Mississippi says:

    You are not as bad as you think you are. I can guarantee you that for every good photo you see online, there are at least 250 crap photos behind it.

    I loved your Boneparte’s photo.

    The key is to take a lot. If you think you have photographed the bird too much, go back and get some more shots. You never have enough and the beauty of digital is that it’s easy to erase.

  4. Eric, Beverly and Sharon,

    Thanks for the encouragement! I do take thousands of photos and am so thankful for digital. Birds are difficult because of their constant movement, but I’m loving the challenge. The gulls at East Harbor State Park at least were cooperative in that respect.

    I’ll keep shooting!

  5. DJB's Photo Adventures says:

    Connie, I also take photos of birds. I regularly take 300 to 400 images just to get a decent one! It is a matter of practice and finding that cooperative bird who hangs out and poses four you. ; )
    Keep up the good work!

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