Western Colorado Birds, Brews and Friends

Birds & Brews in Delta, Co. on August 6th was a resounding success! We didn’t pack the place out, but we had a wonderful time. Bill & Cheryl Day, Evelyn Horn, Lauren Burke and myself visited for over an hour and a half about our projects, experiences and notable birdy news. Bill and Cheryl fufilled the “Brews” part by enjoying a cold one.Evelyn, Lauren, me, Cheryl and Bill at The Stockyards.

Eveyln has a new book out: Still Following the Feathered and Flowered. Bill & Cheryl are still working with the Purple Martins on Grand Mesa. If anyone is interested in helping with funding this project contact them through Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory. It was great to meet Evelyn and say hi again to Bill & Cheryl!

While in the Cedaredge area I scoped around for Lewis’s Woodpeckers and practiced my digiscoping skills which are still suffering from lack of focus! Anyhow, here is a lovely adult Lewis’s:

And a beautiful juvenile.I was able to enjoy various hummingbirds at my dads feeders. Here is a female Black-chinned.This little Black-chinned had a problem. It’s tongue was severely damaged.
It managed to feed itself by cramming it’s little beak down into the nectar. The second day we saw it the tongue part had fallen off and it actually began to look better and defend a feeder by the 3rd day. It’s voice was different too. An influence of no tongue perhaps?
My little mini-wirehaired dachshund, Winnie, joined me for some hummingbird action..But she preferred sitting under the feeders to watch.
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2 Responses to Western Colorado Birds, Brews and Friends

  1. DaveABirding says:

    Yowsa! A broken tongue sounds painful, glad to read that at least for the moment it is coping.

  2. dAwN says:

    looks like you had a nice group!
    I am still chuckling about your dog looking thru the scope..quite talented!

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