Some Meanderings Through The Rockies

We live only an hour and a half from the top of the Rockies. It is a blessing I often take advantage of. Maggie and I drove up there after church on Sunday, since Al was out of town and it was going to be very hot in Loveland. Our first stop was Little Horseshoe Park. Any time we visit Rocky Mountain National Park and especially if were silly enough to go on a Sunday afternoon, we visit this little spot. It is a beautiful park surrounded by Ponderosa and houses a secret patch of Aspen that Maggie loves.

There were no birds in the aspen, but we ran into two little red squirrels chasing through the deep grass and zipping around the trees. We chuckled as the grass vibrated with their thrashings and were sure they were going to dash right through us at times! We followed them to the only ponderosa in the grove and I snapped shot of this one trying to be invisible.Maggie found this rock in the woods and had to go sit on it. I snuck behind a tree to catch this pic.

Another shot of the grove enticing us to enter.

A lovely trout in the stream.All the aspen were scored up to about 6-8 feet high. I’m assuming elk? Also the only young trees in the grove were 3-4 feet tall. I think the overpopulation of elk in the park eat them down every year.
And the sky..
It’s a blessing to be able to take my children in the woods and have fun and enjoy nature together.

Our next stop was the extremely popular Rainbow Curve. No one is supposed to feed the critters, but everyone does anyway. This little Golden Mantled Squirrel looks like he’s well prepared for the winter.Same for this little chipmunk.
Finding Gray Jays in the park can be really tough, and even here they would only make a few minute brief, fly through appearance.
The Clark’s Nutcracker, however would get in your pocket if he could fit. Peanuts anyone? Such a lovely bird.
The sky was gray and threatening and beautiful. There was a rainbow and I heard a little boy say “I wonder if it’s always there?”.
The last stop of the day was higher up on Medicine Bow Curve. By now it was 46 degrees! Maggie decided to wait in the car while I wandered around in hopes of finding White-tailed Ptarmigan. I didn’t. But the color on the tundra was beautiful and so were these flowers.

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4 Responses to Some Meanderings Through The Rockies

  1. Amy says:

    What a lovely day you had! Thanks for sharing. The Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels were my favorite when I was a kid!

  2. Lori says:

    The flower in the photo (in case you were wondering) is Arctic Gentian, Gentiana algida. We saw them on Thursday – the whole hillside was covered with them.

  3. Lori, thank you! I was going to look them up. They were everywhere and so beautiful!

  4. Elk do scratch the aspen with their antlers. I don’t think the reason is definitively known. Itching? Marking territory?

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