Hit the sack!

This is a really fun and super useful thing to teach your dog. I use “Hit the sack” as my cue to go to your mat or bed or in this case a towel. I don’t normally train 3 dogs at once, but Barbie (left) and Reina (right) have had a lot more work on this behavior than Winnie. This is only Winnies second time on “hit the sack”. I have treats, clicker and camera in hand. It was tricky, but I clicked and hit the camera button with my right hand and fed treats with my left. Since it has been a long time since I’ve asked Barbie & Reina to “hit the sack” I did not start off using the verbal cue. I just clicked when they arrived on the mat, then said the cue, and fed them there. With Winnie, I used her name, tossed a treat on the mat and clicked when she got there. Of course if B & R were on their mats at that moment, they were tossed a treat too! This is quite a lot of distance to ask for in one chunk. If your dog doesn’t have a clue, start with the mat right at your feet.
(For more fantastic clicker training info by my favorite trainer, Sue Ailsby, go here.)
Here is Winnie going for her named treat. Barbie’s asking me if this was ok. It wasn’t.
I clicked Winnie on her having all four feet on the mat.. you can see B & R are quite attentive and waiting for their treat too! During the session, if only one dog was in place I said “Yes – Barbie” or whoever it was and only they got the treat. Very motivating for the other dogs to get with it.
We’re getting closer with Winnie. Barbie & Reina did get off their mats at times, but remembered their cue ” Hit the sack” and got there quick when I gave it.Ooh, now we’re closer. I don’t always wait for the dog to lie down on the mat, but if they do that’s great. A sit is acceptable too. The only thing I am looking for is all four feet on the mat. As you can see my mats (dishtowels!) need to be wider for my weiner doggys.
Ok, here is what I was shooting for! All on their mats, but again Barbie does not have her four feet on the mat, she didn’t get treated on this go round. But can you see how hard Winnie is thinking about this? Reina is busy snuffling out her treat.
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  1. Ahh very nice, but I don’t think I could get my dog to do that.

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