Digiscope Challenged, The Saga Continues, But Maybe There’s Hope

Inspired by DawnFine’s Blog post on making your own scope adapter, I headed off to Lowes this morning with scope & camera in hand. I bought this 2″ coupler, threaded on one side, smooth on the other. On the smooth side I used weather stripping which I cut little pieces out of all the way around. On the threaded side I used electrical tape – which is the shiny stuff showing on the bottom.Here is my Canon A590 with the Canon adapter attached.Here you can kind of see the adapter pushed into the coupling and edged by the weatherstripping. It’s tight.
Showing now is the coupling with adapter on the camera.
The shot below shows the rig mounted on the scope. It’s quite snug so I don’t have to hold it on.
Another view of attached rig to scope. Let’s go try this baby.
I sallied over to Big Thompson Ponds where this juvenile Double-crested Cormorant mocked me. And this was the GOOD shot!
Out at Timnath Reservior I practiced on a sweet Black-bellied Plover. Hey at least it’s focused.
Came home after that and got my camera instruction book out, (a moment of brilliance!) Set up on the porch to practice on hummingbirds.. I know this guy’s not a hummer, but hey he showed up.
Ok, so out of 50 shots or so I think I’m finally beginning to get it.
I believe this one is a juvenile Broad-tailed. Hey it’s bright AND focused!
I will not give up on digiscoping. I will learn how my camera works and I’ll make Clay Taylor proud.. someday.

An’ apparently “hey” is my word of the day.

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3 Responses to Digiscope Challenged, The Saga Continues, But Maybe There’s Hope

  1. Amy says:

    Hey, great post! 🙂 I saw Dawn’s blog too and I want to try out making my own adapter. Yours is looking good!

  2. dAwN says:

    How cool! Great job.
    We might take a cue from you and use more tape…ours is not as snug.
    Glad it worked for you..nice saving a few dollars…and it works great doesnt it.
    you have already taken some great photos!

  3. Alan says:

    Looks as if your getting the hang of it! Great shots!

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