Cornmeal & Peanut Butter & Beef Fat & Kitchens

I’ve made my own suet cakes since the mid ’80’s. It’s a messy, smelly process, but I love it when I’m done and have bags full of suet cakes that last me several months.
I finally was able to get an order of beef kidney fat from our local game processor. It was the good, hard fat from around the kidneys. 20 pounds of the good stuff.
The rendering process is the stinkiest part, here it is after melting with peanut butter added. Yum, yum.
I’ve got to plug this stuff that we sell at the Wild Birds Unlimited where I work. It’s from Fresh Wave and called Super Gel. I pour this stuff out on a plate on suet making day. By the time I’m done boiling, pouring and waiting for the stuff to harden the kitchen smells great again and it’s all natural.
Here I am stirring the 15lbs. of cornmeal into the fat soup. I made so much this time I had to separate it out to two pots.
Ready for cooling. After I mix the meal in I let it sit for an hour or two, depending on my schedule, before I pour it in the pans to harden.
Freshly filled pans. I tried using wax paper on the bottom to help pop it out when it cooled. It helped a ton in the metal pans, not so much in the glass. That’s a lot of suet cakes!! My 3 mini dachshunds, Barbie, Winnie, and Reina are ever hopeful for a taste. (they got a tiny one)
Here we are mother, waiting nicely at the edge like we’re supposed to. You’ve been cooking doggy soup all day, when do we get some? It smells most delicious.
The pans cool at room temperature in the kitchen over night. Here they are, ready to be cut.I usually score the edges just before I cut the cakes. Keeps them from breaking into odd pieces. Mostly.I reuse plastic grocery bags and get it all bagged up for the freezer. 75 suet cakes in all, that should last me awhile!Now for the fun part..PS. I’m pretty flexible with my suet recipe, but here are the base ingredients which you can experiment with:
10 lbs beef kidney fat
4 lbs crunchy peanut butter
5-10 lbs corn meal
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3 Responses to Cornmeal & Peanut Butter & Beef Fat & Kitchens

  1. Lisser says:

    What about adding goodies like sunflower seeds,nuts or dried fruit? I’ve thought of doing a “suet making” class for my preschool coop.

    Oh, and I always thought it smelled pretty good. Like you are cooking something really yummy…except its not haha.

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  3. Yes, you can add anything you want to the mixture. I’ve just usually added cornmeal.

    Funny that you remember it smelled good.

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