Stove Prairie Solitude

I had the privilege the other day to visit a good friend in the mountains. My daughter Maggie and I headed up in the morning for a beautiful one hour drive to Carol’s house. When we arrived we found Carol already outside enjoying the beautiful day
We piled out of our car with binocs and camera in hand to join her. After a cool glass of water we began walking around enjoying her wild yard and surrounding forest. This is the view from Carol’s back door. Watch out for the bear. Band-tailed Pigeons loudly flapped as they flew through the woods.
The wildflowers were glorious, below is one of the zillions of Blue Columbines.
After a brief tour of the yard we retired to the deck for some delicious scones and a show of hummingbirds. The broad-tails were zipping around dangerously and a few even brushed my eyelashes!
Properly refreshed we continued exploring around the house and woods. Carol and her husband have put up many bird boxes, below is one of them.The woods are blanketed in flowers and greenery. I hadn’t seen it this green in many years. This Aspen forest contained many delights one which we discovered had taken advantage of a Flicker nest cavity.This lovely Flammulated Owl** peaked out at us and gave me a life bird view at her. Look at how her feathering so completely matches the surrounding bark!She didn’t stay out long and we didn’t get too close. What a treat to view such a lovely little creature. We continued our walk and exploration, ending with a delightful lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches before we said our thank yous and good-byes to Carol and headed back down the mountain. What an enjoyable day with friends and nature.
**This owl was on private property and it’s not open for public viewing.
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  1. DaveABirding says:

    Very cool look at the Flamulated, what a highlight!

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