Exploring The 10,000 Foot Table, Driving with 12 year olds.

Wednesday, Maggie and I went over to Cedaredge to help my folks de-clutter some and get ready for a yard sale. We took advantage of the location and spent an afternoon on Grand Mesa, the largest mesa in the world with over 500 square miles and 300 lakes. We visited a tiny portion on the south side.

This was a little side creek we played in, my step-sis Kim and kids Ryan and Abbey were with us. They climbed and explored and found fish in big holes. Then they dared and taunted each other until all dove and swam in the freezing mountain lake.
Our mini-dachshunds enjoyed running and sniffin’ through the grass.I gave each kid their first driving lesson. Maggie is intently focused on staying between the ditches on the backwoods mountain roads. The rest of us in the car focused on breathing!Winnie focused on being brave.

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