Exploring Guanella Pass In Greek

“Give me a word, any word and I will show you that the root of this word will be Greek”

On our way home from Cedaredge we took the roundabout way through Montrose so Maggie could have a sandwich from The Bagel Shop and coffee from The Coffee Trader. As we were motoring along I remembered a sign for Guanella Pass off of Hwy 285. (Now, my only previous experience with this pass was a couple of years ago in the winter with Sue Riffe in her Honda CRV in DEEP SNOW hoping we don’t get stuck looking for Ptarmigans. We actually found other crazy birders in the fierce winds at the top, but no Ptarmigans.)

So after decsending Kenosha Pass we found the road and went exploring. We stopped at a picnic area along the creek and played in the water and the woods. Then continued the stunningly gorgeous drive to the top, winding up on I-70 and back to the business of driving home. A sightseeing detour well worth the time.
Reina loved the rare treat of being able to stick her head out of the window.
Arriving at the pass we parked, got the dogs and camera out and went walking.
The wildflowers were amazing.

We were tempted, but had neither the gear nor the time to walk to the top.
These must be the happiest flowers ever.
Mountain Tundra – we couldn’t find a Ptarmigan anywhere. But the signs kept telling us to stay on the trail so we weren’t free to wander. How can this be in such a land? Wandering practically begs you.

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  1. Vickie says:

    What a nice taste of your experience. Love those flowers, both the yellow and blue, the dunk in the water and doggy with his face out the window. It is always refreshing to visit undeveloped areas.

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