Busy American Kestrals

This kestrel pair is nesting in a Flicker Box from Wild Birds Unlimited. They are now feeding babies. One pic below has the back end of a vole getting squeezed into the box! I hopefully will have pictures of kestrel kids peeking out of the box soon!

Picture are taken by my WingScapes Bird Cam.

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2 Responses to Busy American Kestrals

  1. Wren says:

    I have got to get one of those cams!

  2. Beverly says:

    WOW…way cool is right, but I mean the Kestrals. Awesome!

    Where, in relation to your home, IS this nest box? It looks like it’s under a deck? Is it in a place you traffic much? I can’t imagine so… I hope you tell us more about where you hung the box when you show us the babies!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Connie!

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