Graduation Weekend!

Anna our #10 child graduated High School at 16 years old this weekend… Here are the photos of the weekend: Al and I at the party.
Son Josh.
Daughter Mary
Daughters Ruth and Alyssa.
The gorgeous cupcake tier Alyssa made for Anna.
Ruth with Paeton, a friends baby and my grandson, Ronan.
It’s a girl think I guess..
Graduation Day, children Jessica, 22, Ruth, 18, Mary, 25, Anna 16, Cyrus, 27.
A few more in the photo, Josh 23, and neice Deannah on the right, 21.
Anna with Tad Carls and Allen Howlett receiving her High Honors tassels and Salutatorian Medal.
My dad, Larry, step-mom, Judy, Anna, Me, Al, Jessica, Ruth, Maggie.
Grandson Ronan eyeing a little Pine Siskin.
Jessica stealing a shot of herself on my camera..

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One Response to Graduation Weekend!

  1. dAwN says:

    Congratulations..what a lovely family you have.

    Our daughter just graduated from grad. school this past week..time goes by so quickly!

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