We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, We’re Going To Catch A Big One. What A Beautiful Day! We’re Not Scared.

I have about a 3X4 foot birdbath in my yard that quit holding water. I’d fill it, half an hour later, it would be empty. I had seen signs of rodents and figured they must’ve dug underneath and eaten a hole in the rubber lining. Boy was I in for a surprise. See the box with branches sticking up on the right side of the pond? That box houses the outlet box where I plug in the pump and heater.
When I pulled that box off, I nearly had a family of voles up my pants, they sprang in every direction! Normally I leave the critters in my yard alone, but these guys just made a bad choice of living areas, they had to go..
!! CAUTION!! Dachshunds dispatching Voles below! !! CAUTION!!
I have 3 mini dachshunds that needed work (and practice for earth dog trials) so I ran in and brought them out. I’m not sure how many voles there were.. But Winnie got one…
Barbie The Warrior Princess got TWO..
Reina, normally the couch potato, plowed the dirt with her nose and took out one. She was reluctant to let me have it, but she did. She showed GREAT enthusiasm which makes me hopeful her doing earth dog trials.
The Mighty Weenie Girls with their game. We may be small, but we’ll get the job done.
Well, after all that excitement I had to get back to work. I had pulled off the rubber and underlayment of the pond. After putting the dogs back I came out to find our resident Robin taking advantage of all the centipedes. He definitely killed them before he swallowed.. He is shown here down in the deepest part of the pond where the pump goes.

Now he’s working the edges where the vole holes were.. see the hole to his left?
All clear?
Now I’m prepping to put the liner back in, shovel in hand moving dirt around and who zips over my shoulder and lands at my feet, less than 4 feet away but Robbie. He’s seen a few more centipedes I’ve uncovered.. this bird basically spent the afternoon under my feet.Now I’ve got the liner and water in.. checking for levelness again.
And the finished product! We’re back in business. Al had to repair the pumps cord as the voles had chewed it in two places. Ready for a full summer of service.

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2 Responses to We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, We’re Going To Catch A Big One. What A Beautiful Day! We’re Not Scared.

  1. Lisser says:

    If only I could’ve seen the look on your face when you lifted off that box!!!

  2. Ruth Leandra says:

    haha, of course barbie got two. amazing.

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