I And The Bird #95

Welcome to I And The Bird #95.

As we wake up this morning in March, spring is in the air – for some. Others buried in snow, fighting spring fever, are browsing field guides and gardening books planning their spring and summer activities. Yet others, escaping a long winter to travel in warmer climes, search and find adventure and wonderful birds and friends along the way. I’ve always loved a long meditative walk while pondering nature and enjoying bird life. Join me, will you? for this journey around the world’s rim. I hope this 95th edition of I And The Bird will entertain you, stretch your mind, and
fill your head with ideas, possibilities, and dreams of the future.

We begin our trek in New Zealand, joining Mandy Hague on the Whakatane River and her adventure with the Little Blue Penguins.

Journeying across to Australia we meet Trevor Hampel as he enjoys the presence of a Crimson Rosella in Canberra, Australia.

A Day Of Surprises, brings us Duncan Fraser’s experience during the Great Wader Count as told at the BenCruachan- Natural History blog.

Mick, from SE Queensland, Australia observed the magnificent White-breasted Sea-eagle as it caught and consumed lunch unconcerned with the audience at hand.

Entering Singapore, we join Esther Chang and Micky Lim and their wonderful portrayal of an Olive-backed Sunbird family. A delightful interlude in the midst of the hustle and bustle of life.

We travel to Southern India on our walk (with a helpful boat-ride) and are delighted to find Flowergirl, her bike riding Magpie-robin, and friends.

A quick stop in Stockholm finds us scratching our heads as Gunnar Engblom shares his tale of dipping out on an Ivory Gull.

Time for a leisurely boat ride back to Trinidad & Tobago where we find Chris and his wife on their first day of adventure.

Meandering along to Guan-emala – yes you read it correctly- Mike Bergin of 10,000 Birds gives us a teasing little peek into his trip to Guatemala.

While we’re here, let’s continue our tropical trek and see what Rick Wright has to share on “Guatemala: T for Townsend’s..”

Jeffrey Gordon has it rough, or so he tries to convince us. We meet him along the Rio Frio in Central America and have to listen to tongue-in-cheek whining about his Tough Day At The Office. We all wish we were you, Jeff!

Recovering from Jeff’s day we saunter back to North America all the way north to Ontario, Canada to join Seabrooke Leckie as she takes us on a tour of the Royal Ontario Museum.

Further west in Manitoba, Canada, Christian Artuso gives us visual delight and an education as well as we peek into the life of the elusive and beautiful Eastern Screech-Owl.

We’ve got a bit of a hike before we arrive in British Columbia to view Susannah Fraser’s End of a Chickadee.

After a bit of a rest and a good meal, pull your boots back on as we head on down to great state of Texas with J. Kyron Hanson of Austin, waking up from the musings of a nighttime brain in his Dream Birding; Another Realm Of Avian Encountre: Here Comes The Flood – Four Dreams Of Birding In One Night.

Beverly Robinson of Behind The Bins comes clean for us all in her confession of a Cardinal Sin at Brazos Bend State Park.

At David Ringer’s Blog, Search and Serindipity, the wind picks up as it tend to do in Texas, but it was a great day of spring birding at the Richland Creek Wildlife Management Area, none the less.

I always love walking along a trail and meeting new birders. Their enthusiasm is contagious and reminds me how lovely those first birds still are. Lets stop and chat with Dave Dolan about his fruitful yet challenging day at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge.

Is Truth Bitt-er-n Fiction? I guess we’ll find out as we hear Felicia Lee’s – a Central Florida’s transplant – story at OC Warbler.

As we enter North Carolina we find Nate Swick and his musings of a Mockingbirds Song.

On to another lovely state, Vicki Henderson takes us to Tennessee, great art and Spring At The Rookery.

Children, birds, and nature, what better combination is there? We find a comfy park bench in Illinois and hear the story of how a Spark Bird Was The Rabbit They Didn’t Buy.. in the Neighborhood Nature blog.

Time to bundle up as we listen to Carolyn H. of Roundtop Ruminations in Pennsylvania, on her experience of a lifetime; a close and personal visit of a Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Before we head back to the west, John Beetham of A DC Birding Blog discusses an interesting aspect of Gulls and their neighbors behavior.

Westward bound now, we find Amber Coakley lounging at Bosque del Apache in New Mexico, immersed in the birds she finds there. The views are tremendous, the atmosphere welcoming so we sit a spell as she tells us her tale.

We are now far along in our walk now as we come to Salt Lake City, Utah. and also deep in thought as we ponder Carel Brest van Kempen’s, Pigeon Control.

Bob and Cynthia Kaufman, graciously share their determination and success in finding the Mountian Plover in the Salton Sea in southern California.

Let’s not leave California without a glimpse of the misadventures of a cartoonist Donna Barstow.

Larry Jordan of The Birders Report takes us on an Olympic Tour of Synchronized Swimming, in Sacramento, California. Who gets the gold?

We have covered much of the world and heard wonderful stories from each and every place. I think it’s time for me to wind down and head home. I’ve enjoyed journeying with you and sharing and listening to these tales. As my mind wanders from birders to birds and back again, we find ourselves in my home state of Colorado. I’ll share this Rocky Mountain High musing from my own Birds ‘O The Morning blog. ‘Cause as you all may know, birding can mean a lot more than finding good birds.

For the next I and the Bird, please send your posts to Rob Fergus, birdchaser AT hotmail DOT com.

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    Very nice, Connie!

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    What an enchanting journey.

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    Well done sis! I am impressed!

  4. Argh! I missed it! Looks great – I’ll read the less deadline-challenged bloggers with delight, I’m sure.

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    Thanks for including me, Connie!

  6. Wow! What a trip! So many places to visit!

    Thanks for including my almost-too-late post. And, by the way, my name is Susannah; the river I live near is the Fraser. I guess I should reformat my sidebar. 🙂

  7. Thank you all for your encouragement! It was a blast to put together. Even with all the late entries. Ha.

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