Family Gatherings

About a week ago we had some fun family gatherings at my brother Das’s house and my sis Laurens. Dad just turned 75, step mom Judy 74, my mom turned 65 and neice Deannah just had her 21st birthday. PLUS we have a new neice in the family; Dax’s little girl Shy Summer. We had plenty of reason to celebrate!

Here are Dad, Deannah, Maggie, Cyrus and my sweetheart Al.
Cyrus and Satchel playin’ us all some Johnny Cash tunes.

Aisha and me, I love that girl..Ever tried deep fried twinkies and ice cream? We didn’t either! The oil was not hot enough and they became Oily Twinkie Sponges.
A sibling photo for our parents. Dax, Lauren, Me and Satchel. Typical.
Deannah and her sleeping Mom.
Somebody snatching Lauren’s yummy mini cheesecakes. Mmm.
Proud papa and Grandma.
Mom and Mary. Mom looks amazing for 65 eh?
A with an Attitude. That’s Anna. Maggie making a point.
Ruth in her element. Baby Element. Mom lovin’ it.
Anna copying Ruth. But she loves it.
Al and Judy deep in conversation.
Dad’s always happy at 5:00!
And Shy Summer. Enough lovin today from the crowd.

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2 Responses to Family Gatherings

  1. Lauren says:

    “Das’s” house? I thought you were going to photo shop some open eyes for me! Great pics and story here though!

  2. Ruth Leandra says:

    thats a sick pic of me but the last one of shy by herself is really cute

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